About The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge is an initiative launched by The Wise Foundation to provide burn survivors with valuable resources that are critical in fostering positive, practical, and purpose-driven change in their lives.

Partnering with like-minded businesses and organizations for optimum support, The Change Challenge committee is determined to find the most useful and beneficial resources that can be offered to burn survivors to live healthy, wholesome, and happy lives.

True survivors do not allow themselves to be overcome by their circumstances. The Change Challenge is a powerfully motivating tool to encourage survivors to take charge of their lives, and rewards those that demonstrate leadership, drive, passion, purpose, excellence, and a commitment to reinvest their time, resources, and talents to improving the lives of other members of the burn community

A natural extension to The Wise Foundation’s annual Burn Survivor Young Adult Conference held in the spring of every year, The Change Challenge is open to all qualifying burn survivors affiliated with The Wise Foundation or one of its partner foundations and organizations.

The application process includes submission of an online application, essays, and letters of recommendation, and potential winners will be invited for interviews in latter rounds of the challenge. Winners will be announced at the Banquet night of the Young Adults Conference, and the prize is awarded shortly after.